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Caitlin Hicks

Actor | Singer | Dancer | Educator


Well, come on in :) 



Hobbies: Traveling, trying something new, reading, baking bread with my mom, shopping for home decor, redoing furniture, meeting new people, and being in nature

Movie: Dead Poets Society

TV Show: Parks & Recreation

Book: I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Poet: Rumi and William Wordsworth

Genre of Music: Country

Way to De-Stress: A bubble bath, lavender bath salts, candles, wine, and a moody playlist

Season: Spring

Place: The Cotswolds or Pietrasanta, Italy

Time of Day to Nap: between 2pm and 5pm

Originally from Troy, Alabama, Caitlin was reared in an artistic family, making her affinity for the Arts inevitable. Following in the steps of her older sister, Caitlin began dancing at the age of 3. However, instead of continuing on the same path toward a career as a professional dancer, she realized, through her involvement with Troy University's Department of Theatre and Dance at a young age, that her heart truly lay in theatre

With each production, workshop, and intensive, Caitlin's love for language, people, music, collaboration, and storytelling grew, reaffirming what her gut already knew: the magic of theatre is what it's all about. Sappy, sure, but that's very Caitlin energy.

After graduating from Troy University in 2019, Caitlin continued on to receive her Acting MFA from the University of Alabama in the spring of 2022. It was there she developed a newfound passion for teaching and deepened her existing passion for her craft. Inspired in her daily life by the ideas of Dr. Brené Brown, the Enneagram, and Julia Cameron, she is fascinated by how each inform her work as an actor and instructor. She has found a home in this art that encourages play, embraces failure, and celebrates human connection. She is now based in Atlanta, GA where she continues to do what she loves most.

Fun Facts

1. I'm an Enneagram 7w8 and got my certification in Enneagram Applications in November of 2020. I am currently creating a character development tool for actors centered on the Enneagram that was the focal point for my thesis project.

2. I went skydiving for my 20th birthday!

3. In the summer of 2019, I went on a solo, 10 week long backpacking trip through 9 different countries in Europe.

4. I have the weird ability to tell the brand of a car based on their headlights.

5. Visiting all 50 states is on my bucket list...I've got some work to do.

6. I can somehow manage to spend an ungodly amount of money at Taco Bell.

7. Sometimes, during the beginning of COVID lockdown, I would drive around town just to wave to people 'cause I was so devoid of socialization...That's probably the most 7 thing about me.

Cocktail: Moscow Mule




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