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I currently offer any of the following coaching options through 30-60 minute Zoom sessions! Please feel free to reach out via the Contact tab with any questions or booking requests. I'd love to work with you!


30 minutes--$30

45 minutes--$40

60 minutes--$50

*I also offer sliding scale options on a case by case basis*


Monologue & performance coaching

 Have a monologue you want to dig into a little deeper? A character you need help developing? You're in the right place! I specialize in Shakespeare, contemporary, comedic, dramatic, and film.

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Audition prep techniques

Are you auditioning for a college program, have an upcoming educational or professional production to audition for, or even auditioning at a theatre conference? I've got you!

Acting the song

Do you want to bring your musical theatre piece to life? Would you like to enhance the storytelling and connect to your music? Let's dive in!

Beginning Acting

Is your child interested in theatre? Are YOU interested but don't know where to start? Or do you just want to build up the confidence to tackle a big presentation, speak in a public setting, or even be more comfortable in a group? I'm here to help with it all!




"Caitlin is amazing! She is absolutely my favorite instructor this semester. She worked with all of us equally and was very very kind. She is very knowledgeable of acting and I learned a lot from her...She also just made us feel safe and we were able to talk to her about anything."

"Caitlin Hicks is an extraordinary instructor. She values the physical and mental health of all her students. She frequently checks in with her students and allows her class to be a safe space for everyone."

"Caitlin did such an amazing job. She prepared us, challenged us, and cooperated with any personal needs that we had. Caitlin is a role model to me because she commanded the room and took ownership of the class, while still being a friend to us and loving us generously."


"Caitlin Hicks has cemented herself as one of my favorite teachers of all time. In the short semester I had with her, she instilled positivity and self-love into the minds of our class. She began each class with allowing us to clear any negative or positive thoughts on our mind. She allowed us individual creative freedoms in class; she praised us on our strengths while providing kind and constructive criticism for areas that could use improvement. Professor Hicks is going to do big things, and she has been an amazing addition to the UA teaching staff."

"Professor Hicks is a wonderful instructor, she really cares about her students and tends to our needs. She's very understanding as well, the assignments of performance took a lot of courage from me and classmates. Meanwhile, Professor Hicks showed us patience and took her time with each student."


"She takes the time to build a relationship with every single student, and if you have a problem, she will support you in fixing it. She gives criticism in the best way possible, and she acknowledges that her students will each have their own artistic view on the material without seeking to change that."

"She’s an amazing teacher. She cares so much about what she does."

"I absolutely adore Caitlin. Starting on Day 1, she makes the classroom such a supportive and inspiring place for students to be vulnerable creators as well as people. She was a large part in the transition from high school to college, and without her guidance on not only acting, but life itself, we would all probably feel very lost...With every performance we gave, she broke her feedback down into terms that were understandable and relatable, and it was clearly apparent that she wanted us to become better, not that she wanted us to "just pass the class." I found all of her feedback applicable and relevant, but she also made sure that as the actor, we were free to make any choice we wanted, regardless of what she thought might read the best...This class was always the highlight of my week, and if I could, I would take it again in a heartbeat."


"Caitlin Hicks did a great job, was always open, honest and helpful to any student that needed it. By far the most comfortable I have felt with an instructor in college."

"This class was one of my favorites at Alabama. I learned so much, got hands-on experience and really enjoyed every single class."

"She was always helpful during and outside of class. You could tell that she wanted the best for her students and to bring the best out of them."


"Ms. Hicks was very nice, great at communication, and always willing to help."

"She made this course fun. I liked how she went into detail about all aspects of theatre."

"She is so kind and was a great instructor!"

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